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Why we have Kippers on our Breakfast menu

The Kipper was invented by a man called John Woodger in 1843.
John lived in Seahouses, Northumberland and worked as a Fish Monger when one day he left some prepared fish in a room overnight with a smoking stove. He woke the next morning to find he had accidentally invented the kipper.

John and his family moved to Great Yarmouth during the 1850's because the Herring fishing industry was thriving where he started his own fish curing business. John's son George married a Great Yarmouth girl in 1872 and moved back to Northumberland to expand the family business. George was in Northumberland for 4 years before he, and his newly formed family moved back to Great Yarmouth to relieve his ailing Father of his business.

George, his family and 2 servants lived in this very house for several years whilst he continued the fish curing business. It is for this reason we have Kippers on the breakfast menu and sourcing them from Great Yarmouth's only remaining smokehouse helps keep the history of this house so special.

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